Sunday, September 6, 2020

FREE software for editing satellite/transponder lists


 Most of our loadable satellite/transponder lists can be modified to fit your needs, or you can make your own lists. To modify or make lists you need Microsoft Excel... or do you? 

The drawback of Microsoft Excel is the cost. Microsoft wants us all to move to the cloud exposing your data and making it possible for them to charge a monthly fee.

Microsoft Excel pricing

Not all of us, including me, want to work this way. I don't want to spend money for software that I seldom use and will expire forcing us to update to a newer version at more cost.

I learned from that there are alternatives which work perfectly well for modifying satellite/transponder lists and even making new lists.

While there are several alternatives I found that the satellite/transponder lists at Sathero Meters was made with LibreOffice.

We use LibreOffice and it works perfectly for the lists and for all other excel files we have. 

Save your money for better uses. 


Alternative office Suites

Free software lists

Microsoft Excel pricing